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The problem with water is that there are too little freshwater that come from natural sources in the world. Because of this,people are making filters to clean the water, but sometimes these people can’t afford these water filters.As such, we decided to develop a completely natural water filter,so people in poorer countries can make it themselves and obtain the freshwater for themselves. We took our school’s eco pond water to put our filter to test.Pondwater has lots of bacteria such as E.coli (Escherichia coli) .After filtration,for the unfiltered petri dish,we found out that it had fewer number of bacteria colonies,but some of the colonies were much bigger than the others,and the colonies also vary in colour,like white and yellow.For all the filtered petri dishes,there were a lot of small colonies,but there are higher number of colonies, with an average colony count of 120.The colonies might not be bacteria,but wild yeast as they grow rapidly on durian husks.We also might not wash the durian husks properly,but the bacteria and yeast that grow on it are Probiotics,which are benificial to health and helps constipated people excrete their faeces.We thus conclude that although our main goal was to clear out harmful bacteria, we still made it consumable.

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