5. Conclusion

Summary of findings
Our findings show that our filter is not anti-bacterial as the bacteria colonies found on the agar plate have different colour, shape and sizes and our experiment is not done properly and if it was filtered properly the outcome would have been different. Another conclusion of our findings is that the bacteria found could be good bacteria but without electric field gradient we cannot determine if the bacteria is harmful or not.

Practical applications
With our filter, we could help filter polluted water sources in poor countries with cheap materials that can mostly be found easily which will help the problem of water shortage or inaccessibility to water by removing simple and harmful bacteria.

Areas for further studies
Areas for further studies include finding out more properties of durains as studies show durains have anti-bacterial properties and help get rid other stronger bacteria which can be found in dirty water sources and if we can modify the filter to help get rid of more types of bacteria by changing it filtering agents to filter certain types of bacteria specifically

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